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True Italy in the heart of New York

Welcome to The
Route 58 Delicatessen


Centrally located in Loehmann’s Plaza in Virginia Beach. Plenty of parking! Carnegie Deli Cheesecake! Melt in your mouth Pastrami! Home of the award-winning Super Reuben!!

Authentic New York
style deli!


“Great service, staff, food, atmosphere. Very much like being in NYC. Very large portions, share and still have leftovers! Highly recommend trying this place if you love Rubens and cheesecake. Cant wait to go back and try some other sandwiches.” — Margie C


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Over the years I remember sitting in many of the places that have influenced me to my core and thought how lucky those guys were to be a part of it. I just never knew how much cleaning there was! My childhood dream has come true, and I thank you for being a part of it. I truly appreciate your business & hope you agree with me that “Memories never tasted so good!”

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Some words from our visitors

For me, this is the restaurant of bests. It had the best egg cream I've ever had, best Reuben sandwich I've ever had, and the best strawberry cheesecake I've ever had. My wife ordered the BLT and, other than the one I make at home myself, it is also the best.
Let me start off by writing I am a New Yorker to my core. I have lived in VA Beach for 10 years, and was told by a New Yorker friend about this place. WOW!! What an awesome experience. Food was authentic. It was the first place I have eaten at in a long time that I felt was a true "experience".
I've heard stories about this place and seen the pictures, but one has to experience it for themselves to do it justice. I ordered the hot pastrami and I'll start off by saying my jaw nearly shattered the table when they brought my sandwich to me. The size was unreal.